Captain America and Ms. Marvel Decklists

On Monday, we streamed a game – see below – of the Marvel Champions LCG featuring the initial three expansions, including the Captain America Hero Pack, Ms. Marvel Hero Pack, and the Green Goblin Scenario Pack. We had a number of people asking if we would share the decklists, so you can find those below.

Captain America naturally works well with every aspect, but I was most interested in trying him out with Protection. He has a natural defense of 2, making him a good defender. He also has Steve’s Apartment, which combined with his ability to reduce ally costs in alter-ego form allows him to have some strong ‘off-hero’ turns.

Most importantly though, he has the ability to ready during his hero turns. While most people leverage this to thwart or attack twice in the same round, it can also let you defend on the round before and not completely sacrifice your options on the next turn.

Going into building this deck, there were a few of the new cards I was particularly interested in making use of, specifically Nova. Even though I was playing Protection and included a few Med Teams in the deck, the idea was that once I had Nova in play he could stay in play for the rest of the game. Then, every time I get attacked or play Get Behind Me!, I could trigger his ability for two more damage. That’s really great value!

Captain America Decklist

Upgrades: 12
2x Armored Vest
1x Captain America’s Helmet
1x Captain America’s Shield
3x Energy Barrier
3x Indomitable
2x Super-Soldier Serum

Ally: 3
1x Agent 13
1x Nick Fury
1x Nova

Support: 5
1x Avengers Mansion
1x Helicarrier
2x Med Team
1x Steve’s Apartment

Event: 17
2x Expert Defense
2x Fearless Determination
3x Get Behind Me!
3x Heroic Strike
3x Preemptive Strike
2x Shield Block
2x Shield Toss
Resource: 3
1x Energy
1x Genius
1x Strength

When I started looking at what aspect to pair with Ms. Marvel, it only took one look at her ability to return an attack, thwart, or defense card to her hand for me to lean toward Aggression. Aggression has a ton of attack events, like Haymakers and Uppercuts, meaning I could really flex her ability.

Something I was happy to run into as I was building this deck was how previously “obvious” includes were no longer obvious. For example, in the deck below there are no copies of Combat Training. With a 1/1/1 stat line and an intent to be exhausting in order to recycle events with her ability, boosting her stat line just didn’t make a lot of sense.

Ms. Marvel Decklist

Upgrade: 3
1x Biokinetic Polymer Suit
1x Embiggen!
1x Shrink

Ally: 3
1x Hulk
1x Nick Fury
1x Red Dagger

Support: 4
1x Aamir Khan
1x Bruno Carrelli
1x Helicarrier
1x Nakia Bahadir

Event: 25
3x Big Hands
3x Chase Them Down
3x First Aid
3x Haymaker
3x Melee
3x Relentless Assault
3x Sneak By
2x Uppercut
2x Wiggle Room

Resource: 5
1x Energy
1x Genius
1x Strength
2x The Power of Aggression

Even with only two Hero Packs out so far, each featuring a different aspect, it’s pretty awesome to see how quickly the game is developing. I found that I was having to make meaningful choices in deck building and leave out cards that once seemed obvious. I get wildly excited when I think about deck building with another five or ten Hero Packs of cards to work with!

After our gameplay stream, we started another stream to hang out and discuss the first three expansions, the game, and life in general. You can catch that discussion below.

As of the posting of this blog, we currently have our maximum number of Hero Pack subscribers, so the Hero Pack Subscriptions for Marvel Champions are out of stock. We are working with distribution to expand our supply and serve more customers, so if you’re interested in automatically receiving future packs without having to follow release schedules, place pre-orders, or pay months in advance, sign-up for the waitlist to be notified as soon as we have new slots available.

Also, if you’re looking for more info about the tokens we use in the video, you can learn more about them here!

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