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You have found the single easiest way to get First Edition Booster Boxes for the Flesh and Blood TCG, automatically, as soon as a new set releases – without the hassle of pre-payment, spotty availability, or glacial fulfillment times.

Want multiple boxes? Just select the quantity that you’d like and we’ll send you that many boxes. If you sign up for three or more boxes, shipping is free in the United States.

The price charged for every release served through this subscription is its MSRP.

You will not be charged when checking out. Purchasing this product simply activates your subscription.

We’ve been enthralled by Legend Story Studios’ refreshing entry into the TCG space for months, and have worked out a phenomenal partnership for delivering Booster Boxes to those who don’t have local support – especially as COVID complicates standard retail environments. We automatically ship you boxes, and Legend Story provides us an exclusive promo card. We include one promo card with each First Edition box shipped via this subscription (these special cards will not be available through any other retailer).

You’ll receive one promo for every box in your subscription. Three boxes, three promos. Six boxes, six promos. To make it even better, any subscription with three or more boxes will ship for free in the United States.

Our promo card for the fifth set of Flesh and Blood, Tales of Aria, was Stir the Wildwood. When we have our promo for Everfest, it will be pictured here!