Chewie, We’re Home – Convergence Preview

Since Star Wars: Destiny released, I have heard players talking about how awesome it would be to have a viable deck featuring Han and Chewbacca. In the words of Han Solo, “Chewie, we’re home.”

Chewbacca Card Fan

I considered pairing the newest version of Chewbacca, The Beast, with the most recent version of Leia Organa. This would let me play a deck I could call Beauty and the Beast and it would let me play the 2-point plot Profiteering that we are revealing on this weeks episode of The Covenant Cast. From the moment I saw The Beast though, I knew I’d be pairing him with an elite version of Han Solo.

It only took me one game playing Han Solo, Independent Hotshot, in my Shades deck to understand just how good he is. He doesn’t seem wildly impressive at first, but you would be hard pressed to find another character as consistent at dealing damage and gaining resources.


Han Solo + Chewbacca – The Beast

You can see my current Han / Chewie deck below, which I will be playing (while revealing the other previews) on the stream (YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch) Monday, February 11th at 4pm CST.

Battlefield: Theed Royal Palace

Elite Han Solo, Independent Hotshot
Elite Chewbacca, The Beast

Upgrades: 7
x2  Hidden Blaster
x1  Darksaber
x2  Energy Pike
x2  Vibrocutlass

Support: 6
x2  Escape Craft
x2  Millenium Falcon
x2  N-1 Starfighter

Events: 17
x1  Daring Gambit
x2  Defensive Racing
x2  Drop In
x1  Hasty Exit
x2  Easy Pickings
x2  Entangle
x1  In The Crosshairs
x2  Indifferent
x1  Quickdraw
x2  Well Connected
x1  We’re Home

Deck Overview:

This deck is pure, unadulterated theme… and it actually has a shot at working! The deck is great at generating resources and Guardian on a 13-health Chewbacca will make it tough for your opponent to defeat either characters early. The extra time will let you get one of a few key elements established as you head into the end game to pull off a few very powerful smuggler tricks!

The Opening: Early in a game, this deck is all about resources. If possible, pick your battlefield and re-roll with Han until you can resolve for resources. You are looking for Escape Craft and Well Connected in your opening hand. You either need to stack up resources or get a few dice in play early, so you can continue stacking up resources. Your are aiming to ramp fast enough to get a few powerful upgrades in play or the Millenium Falcon!

Finishing Moves: The deck includes a handful of sneaky smuggler tricks that can put games away! Quickdraw (assuming you have a Hidden Blaster) and Drop In allow you to activate a character and immediately resolve their dice (how thematic, right?). This is particularly powerful whenever one of your characters is about to be defeated or when you can defeat a character before they get to resolve their dice. We’re Home and Daring Gambit can turn a game upside down when played at the right time!

If you didn’t catch our Q&A with Jeremy Zwirn, the lead designer of Star Wars: Destiny, check it out. He talks a bit about the future of iconic character pairings like Han + Chewie!

If you’re half as excited about Convergence as I am and want to guarantee you get every card with a Convergence Saga Set (like me), I recommend doing so soon. You can see the shipping estimate in the title above, which currently reads ‘within one week’. We recently ran out of ‘on release’ sets and expect to run out of the ‘within one week’ sets in the next week or two!

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