Master and Apprentice – Luke And Yoda After Rotation

This Friday at 6pm CST, I will be playing in the Covenant Masters Finale Trilogy event (and we will be streaming it on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch)! With the release of Convergence comes the rotation of sets 1, 2, and 3 out of standard play. Knowing this was on the horizon, I decided to build a different deck for each of the Swiss rounds!

These are the decks I will be playing on stream:

Darth Vader + Jawa + Retribution
Doctor Aphra + Snoke + Executioner + Bitter Rivalry
Kylo + Anakin
Palpatine + Veteran Stormtrooper + Retribution
Rey + Han
Yoda + Luke Skywalker + Stolen Intel

I’ll never forget laughing out loud as a kid watching Yoda use his gimer stick to shoo R2 when the droid tried taking back the various items Yoda was taking from Luke. My mind was blown a few minutes later when I discovered this little, green creature was in fact a legendary Jedi master.

While I love Yoda as a character, I have mostly avoided playing him in Destiny. I believe this is partly due to how obscenely good he is and partly due to the kind of character he is in the game. While I have nothing against what I would call support characters (characters that don’t do any damage themselves), they usually just aren’t my style.

Another character that I always wanted to play, but never did, is the most recent version of Luke Skywalker. Say what you will about The Last Jedi, but I am a huge fan of everything about Luke in that movie. From the moment I saw his character from Way of the Force, I wanted to play him. As it sits though, I’ve probably only tried him a few times.

As I was making my list of decks I wanted to build for Covenant Masters, being able to play both Yoda and Luke in the same deck had this deck quickly moving to the top of my list!

Battlefield: Obi-Wan’s Hut

Plot: Stolen Intel

Elite Yoda
Elite Luke Skywalker

Upgrades: 12
x1  Dagger of Mortis ()
x1  Ezra Bridger’s Lightsaber ()
x2  Force Focus ()
x2  Force Wave ()
x2  Heirloom Lightsaber ()
x2  Inner Strength ()
x2  Treasured Lightsaber ()

Support: 3
x2  Dex’s Diner
x1  R2-D2 ()

Events: 15
x2  Conflicted
x1  Heightened Awareness
x2  Hidden Motive
x1  Hold Off
x2  Luke’s Training
x2  Mislead
x2  Pacify
x1  Steadfast
x2  Way of the Light

Deck Overview: This deck is built around shielding your characters and healing or moving damage from your characters. Instead of removing your opponent’s dice, the deck instead soaks the damage into shields or damage it can continually replace or remove. The deck aims to make it difficult for your opponent to defeat either character.

Opening Hand: Luke’s ability to move one Force ability each turn is not only incredibly powerful, but extremely thematic. On the opening turn, I am always looking for a 2-cost Force Ability to make use of Luke’s ability. Once you move an ability to Yoda, don’t be afraid to overwrite abilities with upgrades that can deal more damage like Treasured Lightsaber or Force Wave.

Finishing Moves: Regardless of which character is left at the end of the game, the goal is to create a scenario where one on one your opponent can’t ever get more than a few damage past your shields. You can replace the shields and heal whatever damage gets through with Dex’s Diner or Inner Strength.

I have been excited about rotation since before the release of Across the Galaxy. It is clear that the Destiny design team has learned so much from the design of the early sets, so I am excited to see both the staple cards from the first few sets go away and the new tools decks like this one get with the release of Convergence!

If you’re planning to get a Convergence Saga Set (like me) I recommend doing so soon. You can see the shipping estimate in the title, which currently reads ‘within one week’. We recently ran out of ‘on release’ sets and expect to run out of the ‘within one week’ sets in the next few weeks!

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