TC OPEN: Top 4

Here is the bracket.

Paul Adler —
46 Whisper w/ Sensor Jammer, VI, Krennic, ACD
32 Scarif BP w/ Palpatine, Frame, AdvA
22 Scarif BP w/ Courier Droid, AdvA
(Whisper can discard a Cloak token to attack normally.)

Theorist Jeff —
58 Dash w/ PTL, Kyle, Engine, HLC, Outrider
42 Crimson Spec w/ AccC, Engine, Hyperwave Comm Scanner, Silos, Proton Bomb

Whisper moves last, but is Barrel Roll enough to catch Dash and dodge Proton Bombs? Paul must fly expertly here, using obstacles and TIE Reapers to keep Proton Bombs away from Whisper. Whisper’s defenses must also hold against Dash’s HLC. But I’m not sure he’s the underdog here, by list. TIE Reapers are very good at pointing their guns whichever way they want, and they are fast moving to get in Dash’s way when they can’t shoot at him. Even if Whisper takes a Proton Bomb to the face, she has very good chances to survive it. I feel like every aspect of play will strongly influence this game. Good luck to both of us.

WINNER: Theorist Jeff (29-0)
Joe Congdon —
49 IG-88B w/ AdvS, PTL, Autothrusters, IonC, TBeam, Cargo Chute, IG-2000
51 IG-88C w/ AdvS, PTL, Autothrusters, IonC, TBeam, Cargo Chute, IG-2000, Ion Bomb

Ryan Fleming —
46 Whisper w/ SJ, VI, Krennic, ACD
32 Scariff BP w/ Palpatine, Frame, AdvA
22 Omicron w/ Targeting Scrambler, Courier Droid, Intel Agent
(Whisper can discard a Cloak token to attack normally.)
(Omicron can equip AA during ship placement.)

Ryan’s list is a lot like Paul’s, trading an extra Jam and some arc-aiming prowess away for a large slow moving blocker. Joe’s list has weak tools against Whisper, so I’m not sure how he fights here. Sensor Jammer will severely undermine IG-88B’s ability. Palapatine weakens any potential damage from Tractor Beam, ensuring Whisper takes no obstacle collision damage. Krennic will let Whisper eat through Aggressor shields, even when they have Focus + Evade + Autothrusters to defend. Has Joe’s list walked into a fight he can’t win? I think maybe he needed an Expertise build, or at least HLCs on the Aggressors to brute force damage onto Whisper. Ryan feels like the favorite here by a large margin.

WINNER: Ryan Fleming (46-0)

TOP 4 will conclude on July 5th. If you need extra time, please ask.

🙂 Good luck to all players. 🙂