XVT Season 1 Sign-Ups! (Until 10/14/18)

Sign-Ups for X-Wing Vassal Tournament (XVT) S1 are up! Second Edition event tournament on Vassal! https://discord.gg/B2f7KB5

  1. Good luck to those who take part. I will be sitting this one out, as I tried to make a squad with just the Second Edition ships and didn’t find anything that I wanted to fly. (Triple Bounty Hunters looked very strong to me; I expect someone will bring it.)

    1. I’ve only played games 8 so far myself (each with a different squad trying to feel out what might be used for what), but with the expanded conversion kit stuff not the “Second Edition only” restriction. Two ship squads are less viable than before — you have to keep both ships alive to have enough firepower, and that’s nearly impossible now that fast moving ships are nerfed into the ground (with a few exceptions; mainly Rebel Lando). Three and four ship squads seem to be where it’s at, with more possible in Imperials because the generic Interceptor is only 34pts.

      Under the Second Edition restriction, the ship to beat looks like the Firespray. It has boost and a rear arc, making it the most wily ship in that limited pool. It’s also cheap enough to run as a trio (at 66 each), and will outmatch any other trio when trading shots due to the 30 health pool. (There are probably a few lists that are 2 Firesprays and a third gun as well — but those lists would have to be very careful not to lose the third more fragile ship.) Firesprays have a red Reinforce too, to tank vs swarm guns. This leaves Imperials looking at TIE Advanced and TIE Reaper, rather than swarms, for a squad. Rebels, in order to tank through all of those Bounty Hunters, needs more guns (of equal/better caliber) and to be shooting first in order to fight back. Megasilver’s suggestion of Wedge + Biggs in a 4 X-wing squad and the use of Swarm Tactics makes some sense, but there’s some danger of that squad of being blocked to death unless it has one low INIT X-wing to claim maneuvering space.

      52 (x3) Storm w/ Trick Shot, Advanced Sensors
      43 Scariff Base Pilot w/ Tactical Scrambler

      64 Wedge w/ Swarm Tactics, PT, S-Foils
      54 Biggs w/ Shield Upgrade, S-Foils
      41 (x2) Cavern Angel Zealot w/ S-Foils

      Just some ideas.