The Correct Turn Structure for the Transformers TCG

When we created our tutorial video for the Transformers TCG last fall, a misreading of the rulebook on our part meant we played the game incorrectly. We caught this during editing, which is why you can see us explaining the correct rule 22 minutes into the video.

While we state the correct rule in the video and in the How to Play the Transformers TCG chapter of our learning series, we go on to play it incorrectly throughout the course of the game. This has led to a continued stream of questions about how this works. So, we created this blog so we could link to it in the video any time this rule is played incorrectly during the video.

The turn structure we should have followed while playing the Transformers TCG is below.

  1. Draw a card.
  2. You may do each of the following once, in any order: flip a Transformer to bot or alt mode, play one action, play one upgrade.
  3. Perform an attack.
  4. If your opponent has any untapped Transformers, it is now their turn. If your opponent does not have any untapped Transformers, you continue performing attacks (not repeating steps 1-3) until all of your Transformers are tapped. Once every Transformer is tapped, both players untap all of their Transformers and it is now your opponents turn.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out on Facebook, Twitter, and in the comments on YouTube!

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