MonCon 2010

On May 21st, 2010, Monsterpocalypse players from across the world will gather to test their body-slamming, monster-smashing skills against one another. At the end of this event there will be one player standing who will be crowned the world’s next Monsterpocalypse Master. The event will be so Monstrous that we could only give it one name: MonCon (guess what it stands for)

“Did he say master’s? Is Team Covenant hosting a master’s event?”

Why yes, yes I did. We are going to be hosting the world’s first master’s level event after the release of Monsterpocalypse Series 5: Big in Japan.

Alright, slow down. Let’s take some deep breaths. By now I’m sure that there are countless questions swarming around in that large, monster-sized brain you’ve developed over the course of playing Monsterpocalypse. Let’s start with some basics.

How: The Story

When I went out to San Diego to play in the Monsterpocapalooza release event, I had several interesting conversations during my ice cream contest with DC. One of these was with Will Shick about the possibility of us hosting the most epic of Monsterpocalypse events. Of course, as the marketing guy, having someone come to you asking to market for you… well you can imagine he was all game.

Over the following three months or so, we worked furiously to design the most epic event we could. Some of the obvious inclusions would be panel discussions with Privateer and Team Covenant members, a Master’s event with prizing like you’ve never dreamed you’d see at a Monsterpocalypse event, all kinds of contests and side events, and of course all the free goods we can fit into your suit cases.

We will be posting updates with more information on a weekly basis, in our podcast, in our newsletter, etc.


So when can you officially start registering for this event? How about right now, right here. Registration is going to be $30 until February 26th and at that point the price will go up to $40. Anyone who registers at the $30 rate will also get a few bonuses and special privileges at MonCon. We won’t be revealing these bonuses and privileges just yet, but even without the $10 savings it will be well worth registering early.

Where: The Host

We’re trying to break boundaries here. With these conventions and tournaments, you are almost always flying to California or the east coast. A lot of players can’t afford that, and a lot of folks in the midwest are sad to see that no action ever comes their way. Let’s change that.

MonCon will be located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not only is Tulsa almost directly in the middle of the country, it is also one of the cheapest places to fly into, and one of the cheapest places to live. For those of you who have never visited Oklahoma, you will not be ferried to your hotel on horseback, get delayed by a cattle run, or have to hide from a dust storm. Oklahoma is a beautiful state, and Tulsa, specifically, is an extremely nice city.

We will be hosting the event at the Hampton Inn in South Tulsa, Oklahoma. After talking with countless hotels in the area, we settled on the Hampton for several benefits that you should appreciate:

– Free Wired and Wireless Internet
– Free Full Breakfast
– Walking distance to countless restaurants, shops, bars, and a movie theater (particularly for those who
bring a spouse or family who might not be as interested in Cthugrosh as you are)
– Within driving distance to the nicest areas in Tulsa
– Located in one of the nicest and safest areas in Tulsa
– Offering a fantastic group rate (group code emailed to you after registration) at $85 a night
– Classy place

Once you register, you will get an email with instructions on how to book your hotel. We know that $85 is not doable for some of you  (I know that everytime Steven and I traveled for a tournament we had to scrape together all the money we could just for gas), especially if you’re going solo, so we’ve set up a system that should help. You can go here to find people interested in sharing hotel rooms, car space, etc. to cut costs. The group rate applies to rooms with up to 4 people, so if you can find others to book with then you can significantly lower the cost of the event ($20-$25 a night).

UPDATE: You can go here to find out how to book your hotel room.

What: The Schedule

We are currently still editing/revising/constructing the schedule, but the event will play out something this:

Friday: Convention will begin around 1 p.m. on Friday with various events, contests, panels, dinner, etc. There will be events for people who are wanting to practice for the Master’s, looking for interesting formats, etc. (Two-Monster tourney, Draft/Sealed, etc.)

Saturday: The Master’s event will start in the morning and run throughout the day. During the top cut rounds, there will be lots of events for everyone else to participate in. Expect lunch and dinner breaks where all attendees (along with Privateer and Covenant staff) can go hangout over some grub.

Sunday: Sunday morning will be an awards ceremony where we celebrate the achievements of everyone at the event (think “most creative army”, “best paint job”, “worst luck”, etc). After the ceremony there will be random events to finish out the convention.

And perhaps most importantly, we’re planning on kaiju movies and popcorn going 24/7. Can somebody say Gamera?!

Why: The Inspiration

This has been a dream of ours for a long time. The long-term goal for Covenant, as those of you who have read our mission statement, is to “rebirth” gaming (interesting image that creates, no?). We want to take things to the next level. We want to provide an opportunity for all players of Monsterpocalypse to come together, test their skills, have a blast, and become an even stronger community than we already are. There’s just nothing like bonding over little monsters – and we think that should be celebrated in a big way.

I cannot put into words the excitement I have about this event. As usual, all of you out there will come together to make something that we put together extra special. There is no way to thank all of you enough for your support, but events like this are our attempt to repay the favor. If you have any questions or ideas be sure to let us know.


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