Campaign Mythos Token Set | Arkham Horror

  • Covers Scenario for 1-4 players
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An astonishing set of vibrant, double-sided, paint-filled Clue/Supply and Doom Tokens that accurately and thematically track whatever the scenario throws at you. The Doom Token flips between a one and two side, keeping the agenda card clean and making Mythos Phase tracking a breeze, while the Clue Token does double duty by flipping into a proper Supply counter for your Flashlights, Colts, and Tennessee Sour Mash (it’s better than it looks!).

All art is original and created in-house, inspired by the Arkham aesthetic and the general themes explored in the game.

Pair with any number of Investigator Sets to accommodate your desired number of players – but do not stare too deeply into their intricate, accursed designs…or risk madness!

Perfectly compatible with Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Expand the description below for more information about the design process and a video of the set in action.