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Sign up to get every new Ashes Reborn product as soon as it releases. This subscription, in partnership with Plaid Hat Games, is the only way to “pre-order” these items and is the exclusive mechanism for keeping Ashes Reborn in print.

The price charged for every release served through this subscription is its MSRP.

You will not be charged when checking out. Purchasing this product simply activates your subscription.

We’ve partnered with Plaid Hat in an effort to bring it back as our first PLAYER-DRIVEN-PRODUCTION™ subscription. The concept is simple – if enough people subscribe, Ashes Reborn will officially go into print and the Ashes Reborn Upgrade Pack will go out as the first Ashes Reborn subscription shipment. This is a pack of cards consisting of rebalanced, redesigned, and reprinted Ashes 1.0 cards (~30% of the card pool). We spoke with lead developer, Nick Conley, about his approach and were overwhelming encouraged by his vision for the reboot and the future of the game.

If Ashes Reborn gets off the ground, quarterly expansions will continue being produced as long as the subscriber count stays over the production threshold. These releases will consist of two Phoenixborn expansions, packaged together, for $29.95.

It’s that simple. As long as there are enough subscribers, the game will continue being printed – at only $30 every few months to stay current

Aug. 9, 12:42PM CST; We made it. We have 100% of the players necessary for Ashes to be Reborn!