Frostdale Supplement Set | Limited Edition

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We were hoping that PvE would line up in time to do a PvE-focused set (still interested in doing this later!), but in lieu of that we couldn’t resist a run of the “blue” Arcane Tokens on the frosted acrylic we brought in this season. These designs just look too good on that medium, with the clear acrylic amplifying the mirrored designs between front and back.

The Frostdale Supplement Set contains:
15x Frostdale Exhaustion Token (double-sided, paint-filled)
1x Frostdale First Player Token (double-sided, paint-filled)

Rin would be proud.

Tokens are covered with adhesive protective paper to prevent cosmetic damage during shipment, so peel them before use! The appearance of all components may vary slightly from the renderings and images shown here due to color variations in displays, cameras, and materials.

Designed and produced with unshakable care in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and perfectly compatible with Ashes Reborn.

Covenant Components are third-party accessories produced and sold exclusively by us, Team Covenant. They are not associated with or officially endorsed by any other entity.