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A clear health tracking solution with the subdued glisten of battleworn armor, precisely cut to fit perfectly in a deck box and on the table.

Majestic Dice Boards feature 8 slots built for most styles of 12mm Chessex dice (and likely any other brand in that size), allowing players to easily and quickly track up to 48 health without the risk of table bumps. Each board is felt-backed and cut to the size of a trading card – they fit beautifully in every deck box that we’ve tested (pictured is the Ultimate Guard Boulder 80+).

When combined with our Majestic Token Set, you have an evocative, coherent, and easy-to-carry tracking solution that consists of a deck box (with your deck and Majestic Dice Board) and a brick of 12mm dice with the top row of dice replaced with our Majestic Token Set (as seen in the image gallery).

Designed and produced with unshakable care in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and perfectly compatible with the Flesh and Blood TCG.