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Superbly detailed, iconographic set of thematic double-sided, paint-filled tokens that clearly and easily track the board state during a game of the Flesh and Blood TCG (and many others!). We tested variations of these token designs and quantities for months before final development to ensure that they were a joy to use, clear to both players, and sufficient to cover 99.9% of interactions that might arise now and in the future.

The Majestic Token Set includes:
4x Resource Token (covers pitch blue + Energy Potion)
7x Activation Token (covers 4 armor pieces, 2 weapons, and 1 hero all activating abilities in one turn)
8x Armor Token (covers 4 armor pieces each at Battleworn 2)

Pair one of these sets with a Majestic Board and matching 12mm dice brick (we use the Chessex cubes) for everything happening on your side of the board, easily carried between tournament rounds in the aforementioned dice brick (see image gallery). Two players could likely share one set if needed, depending on the needs of each hero.

Designed and produced with unshakable care in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and perfectly compatible with the Flesh and Blood TCG.