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Get every new Hero Pack that releases for Marvel Champions, automatically, as soon as it releases – without the hassle of pre-payment, spotty availability, or glacial fulfillment times.

Activate your subscription by checking out with this product, then we will charge and ship all future Marvel Champions Hero Packs, at $12.95 each plus shipping, right to your door. They arrive to US customers on release day or just a little after (depending on how USPS is feeling).

Hero Packs are the basic expansions of the game. Each Hero Pack includes a new hero and its fully playable deck, so you can open it up and start playing right away. Alternatively, you can take the included cards and slot them into your other decks, opening up the same deckbuilding opportunities as previous LCGs. Either way, Hero Packs are the ideal way to consistently add new content and options to every session of Marvel Champions. We expect them to release once a month (just our expectation, not verified).

This release schedule is why we launched subscriptions to serve LCG players, starting with Lord of the Rings in 2011. LCGs feature both consistent, smaller releases that add new stories and deckbuilding options to the game, as well as occasional, bigger expansions that do the same – and that makes it especially annoying to try to keep up. Most players just want to get the newest cards as they release, and that’s exactly what a subscription does. Choose the product types you want automatically, and we make it happen.

We’ve shipped tens of thousands of products to satisfied subscribers all over the world, so try it out for a few releases and see what you think! You can always cancel anytime, with no fees or hidden charges, and sign back up later down the road. It’s really that easy.

You will not be charged when checking out. Purchasing this product simply activates your subscription. If you would like more than one copy of each Hero Pack per shipment, just increase the quantity of this subscription to your desired number of copies.