Hero Cosmic Token Set | Marvel Champions

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A beautifully intricate, comic book-inspired set of double-sided white acrylic tokens with two-tone(!) paint fills and airbrush pops in brilliant colors, ideally suited for a single Marvel Champions LCG player.

Our primary obsession with this set was to make it clear how much damage every hero had sustained at a glance, and to capture the gravity of those mounting injuries. We all grew up reading comics and absolutely love them, but it’s just not exciting if you don’t feel how close the heroes are to devastation.

So we replaced the health dial for your hero with flippable Damage Tokens, giving you the ability to create vivid and captivating stories, one panel at a time. We also added Status and All-Purpose tokens to round out everything a hero needs, all of which covers allies and engaged minions as well.

The set is incredible when paired with a Cosmic Board – creating an unbeatable aesthetic backdrop and organizational system (they’re felt-backed and amazing) – as well as a Villain Set to track every interaction on the table.

Designed and produced with unshakable care from the back of our retail store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and perfectly compatible with the Marvel Champions Living Card Game.

Suggested: 1 per player