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  • Covers Villain for 1-4 players
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A beautifully intricate, comic book-inspired set of double-sided white acrylic tokens with two-tone(!) paint fills and airbrush pops in brilliant colors, with enough tokens to cover a group of up to 4 Marvel Champions players – we suggest splitting the cost among members of your group!

Our first priority here, as with the Hero Set, was to remove the villain health dial (more on that in the full description tab below). But our first attempts at using “damage” over “health” for both heroes and villains created an unmistakable dissonance. The villain is supposed to feel like this towering, even terrifying entity that must be surmounted, not a simple punching bag. At the same time, we disliked the idea that we were adding damage to the villain when we attacked but subtracting threat from the schemes when thwarting.

So we moved into a system that would make sure every action “hurting” the villain works as a subtraction. Attack the villain, subtract health tokens. Thwart the scheme, subtract threat tokens. This also creates the “imposing” feeling of a healthy villain or an overwhelmed scheme. The more weight on the villain side of the board, the worse off the heroes are!

The health tokens track up to 150 health (108 is the max for 4 players out of the Core Set) across 6 unique designs that visually represent the villain’s declining state of power – and increased defiance – as health is lost.

The threat tokens track up to 80 threat across the main scheme and side schemes (40 is the highest main scheme for 4 players out of the Core Set) and are in a league of their own, featuring 12 unique designs across the set that actually allow you to decide the exact scene that is most appropriate for a given scheme. The front of each token is the pending threat, and the back is that threat being realized because you didn’t stop it. Bombs exploding, superweapons being built, bullets raining down – it’s all here.

Putting it all on the table pulls these phenomenal stories out of the cardboard and truly brings them to life.

To really enhance the experience, add two Cosmic Boards – one for the villain and one for the main scheme – which beautifully frames the conflict and makes tracking a breeze. They absolutely take things to the next level.

Designed and produced with unshakable care from the back of our retail store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and perfectly compatible with the Marvel Champions Living Card Game.

Suggested: 1 per group